You can now shop our products through our Instagram!

You can now shop our products through our Instagram!

Three weeks ago, popular social media app Instagram introduced the UK to a new shopping channel. This option gives large and smaller businesses the ability to directly tag their products directly on their organic post.

The option was test run in America last year and after the huge success of the new function, called Instagram Shopping, it was released in the UK in March 2018 after a trial run with high-street store Marks & Spencer and designer Heidi Klein

The free of charge service allows followers of brands to shop directly from an Instagram post direct to the brands website, saving you hours on end trailing through tens of pages on a brand website trying to find said product.

In a statement, Instagram’s head of business Jim Squires said: “People come to Instagram every day to discover and buy products from their favourite businesses. We want to be that seamless experience. Whether it’s a local artisan, florist or clothing store, shopping directly on Instagram has never been easier.”

We have been using this product on our Instagram page too! We’re here to show you just how you easy it is to shop our products through our Instagram page¬†with our very easy steps.

Firstly, head to our Instagram profile and tap where it says SHOP (circled red)


It will then take you to this page, simply click on an image of a product you like:


From that, tap the image so a link, such as the one on the right image pops up:


The page will direct your through to a pre-shop page where you can see the product in more detail, before finally clicking SHOP NOW:


From there it will take to directly to our website where you can shop the product within minutes of seeing it! How easy is that!?

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