Designer | Lily Kamper

Designers 1st February 2017 0 Comments

We’ve been looking a lot of young designers recently and this week we’ve decided to explore a dreamscape that is at once both new and entirely unique. We’re talking of course about the world of London-based jewellery designer Lily Kamper. She appears to be one of those modern jewellery makers who revel in the creation of abstract designs. Whilst browsing…

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Designer | Theodor Fahrner

Designers 19th January 2017 0 Comments

Perhaps best known for inspiring a bold strand of Art Deco design, Theodor Fahrner is still celebrated today as one of the most successful European costume jewellery designers of the early 20th Century. Now, we know a lot of people might be put off by the word ‘costume’ for the simple fact it evokes inexpensive materials and imitation gems. However, you shouldn’t be too hasty…

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Designer | Rachel Boston

Designers 1st January 2017 0 Comments

Rachel Boston graduated in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and is also a former student at the Gemological Institute of America with a diploma in Diamond Grading. In short, she knows what she’s doing. Her signature aesthetic is distinguishable by various art nouveau motifs tailored to the specific standards of contemporary high fashion. Her…

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Designer | Ara Vartanian

Designers 29th February 2016 0 Comments

Ara Vartanian has the kind of pleasingly linear and apt backstory that makes biographers blush. Raised in a family of artists he learnt his craft first-hand and was inured to the rigorous discipline of an artist from an early age. His brother Jack became a renowned purveyor of fine jewellery who took his collection to New York, Sao Paulo and…

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