Afternoon tea with fashion blogger, Lauren Robinson

Features News Story 27th March 2018 0 Comments

Bloggers are the 21st century’s internet celebrities. They are real, down to earth people that the younger generation can look up to for advice and inspiration.  Boutique Magazine were lucky enough to speak to with 20-year-old blogger, Lauren Robinson from South Shields. She told us more about her blog: “My blog is mainly focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle with…

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Newcastle based fashion company Dressi, open high-street store in Gosforth

Designers Features News Story 15th March 2018 0 Comments

An exclusive dress shop opened on Salter’s Road Gosforth last Friday, with the aim of helping women and girls look their best at social events.  With school proms now being enjoyed by many teenagers, the right advice on selecting the perfect outfit has never been more crucial. Manager Rio Beadie, a recent fashion journalism graduate at the University of Sunderland…

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Your Own Place In Paradise

Features 10th April 2017 0 Comments

The Hawaiian wedding has become something of a cliché after Hollywood gave it the dead horse treatment and flogged it into oblivion. It’s sad, really, when you consider the natural beauty of places like Kauai the ‘Garden Isle’, with its clear, lukewarm waters, soaring mountain spires and jungle-ridden cliffs. Of course the movies don’t have to change the romance of…

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The Golden Hoard | Our Five Top Treasure Hunters

Features 5th March 2017 1 Comments

Introduction The Diamond industry has the kind of hierarchy you’d probably expect from such a wellspring of wealth and global esteem. For the most part business is dominated by huge companies, while its constant profits are tracked by the keen-eyed investors of the Wall Street world. However the coloured gems industry is quite different, in as much as it still…

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