Oscars 2016 | Glitter on the Red Carpet

News 6th February 2016 0 Comments

This year the 88th Academy Awards ceremony, or the ‘Oscars’ if you prefer the common parlance, took place and once again brought the world a show of epic proportions. It was bold, it was redemptive and it was very political. That’s not to mention the . Suffice it to say that the mother of all red carpets was crowded with…

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Discovery of a 404ct Angolan Diamond

News 1st February 2016 0 Comments

It’s a rare moment when a gemstone is discovered that draws the undivided attention of the entire industry. This exact thing happened when a huge colourless ‘white diamond’ was unearthed in the sweltering heat of Angola, in southern Africa. It was a staggered find, three inches across, plucked from the reddish soil by an unsuspecting miner. This huge diamond was…

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Westwood Wages War

News 24th January 2016 0 Comments

This year’s Couture Fashion Week hosted many enchanting moments that once again illuminated the fashion capital of the world. At one point audiences were even transported into a forested sanctum called ‘the greenhouse’, where luminous, flower-studded canopies were draped from a frame of scaffolding that towered overheard like M. C. Escher’s Penrose stairs. Of course the runways have also been…

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