Gold Boutique | Our Unique Collections

Showcase 10th February 2016 0 Comments

With the launch of Gold Boutique, our most ambitious website yet, we decided to create several fresh collections to give our customers something they’d never seen before. Here are a few of our tailored categories replete with an array of avant-garde designs and unique gemstone arrangements. Many of the designs in our Floral Collection are fringed with diamonds that encircle…

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Tiffany & Co. | The Art of the Sea

Showcase 6th February 2016 0 Comments

Design for jewellery can come from many places and in all cases the inspiration behind a piece is inexplicable. At least in so far as we cannot tell why we are drawn to the beauty of the ocean, nor can we say with any certainty why certain motifs cling to our hearts. If we can’t explain the inspiration, perhaps it…

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Through The Loupe | Amethyst

Showcase 11th January 2016 0 Comments

Now we’re on the run-up to February it’s time to make way for a new birthstone. This time we’re going to be looking through our proverbial loupe at a violet variety of quartz, specially reserved for Valentine’s Day. We’re talking of course about that romantic ‘Sobriety Stone’, Amethyst. Most often found in South America, Amethyst is distinguishable by its vaguely…

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