Designer | Daniella Draper

Designer | Daniella Draper

Daniella Draper gains inspiration from a combination of travel and romance. Her range of keepsake jewellery is imbued with a combination of these two leading themes. . Over the years her rustic and elegant designs have been popularised by the likes of Kate Moss and Natasha Khan, from the indie band ‘Bat For Lashes’. Each adventurous piece has also been lifted straight from her wild imagination and handcrafted in her own boutique studio/showroom.

‘For the old, young, wild and free – everyone a personal message.’ – Daniella Draper, A Messenger

Draper belongs to a small percentage of designers who tailor everything that bears their name, from their website to their smallest ring, to befit an exceptionally high standard of refined design. You only have to take a look at her sleek website to see the result of this precise care and attention. You’ll find an array of burnished bangles, charms and necklaces, many of which are adorned with etched quotes devoted to unique style and wild personalities. This is jewellery made to represent the fact that we are all different and imperfect, yet it is in that difference that real beauty exists. Ultimately Draper seems to be devoted to the idea that every sentimental occasion, dream, memory or wish can be stored in her cherished keepsakes.

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Draper’s Cinderella Empire Emerald Pendant

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