Gold Boutique | Guess the Stone…

Gold Boutique | Guess the Stone…

Gold Boutique’s favourite stone this month is surrounded by an aura of sophistication. Bold, evocative and truly beautiful. During the Middle Ages it was believed that this stone possessed certain medicinal qualities, namely the ability to rid the boy of deadly poison. In more recent years it has gained an auspicious association with British royalty. In fact last century Prince Charles gave Princess Diana an engagement ring that featured an exquisite blue variation of this stone. Today you’d find it being worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The stones that circulate the market are sourced from various exotic countries around the world, including Cambodia, Australia and Kashmir, although mostly they are plucked from the timeless gem paradise of Sri Lanka. Those stones that are exported from Sri Lanka are awarded their own title and are much more highly coveted.

So, did you guess the correct stone? Leave your answer in the comments below and then follow this link to one of our chosen pieces to find out if you were right.

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