Designer | Katrine Kristensen

Designer | Katrine Kristensen

Katrine Kristensen lives and works in the liberal Nordic sanctuary of Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London having completed an intense goldsmith apprenticeship. Today Kristensen is a member of the diverse Farfetch community that unites three-hundred independent fashion boutiques and create bridges across the world, from Paris and New York to Milan and Bucharest. Her exquisite jewellery collections, first launched in 2013, are vivified with a rebellious flair that defies conventions. There’s no denying that each finished piece is unique in its minimalist design and bold execution. There are also obvious tribal influences, emphasised with the use of simplistic, stark lines and old motifs shaped with precision, whilst never neglecting an inherent playfulness. We love how Kristensen’s work seems to tribute to the goldsmith, revering them as a artisan, whilst also crediting the vibrant counter cultures that keep us all on our toes. In the end her designs inspire intrigue and encourage the viewer to accommodate a singular perspective.

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These subtle Egyptian Earrings, made of gold-plated sterling silver with hook fastenings, evidence the stark, precise artistry and innate playfulness that is manifest throughout Kristensen’s work.

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