Designer | Nektar De Stagni

Designer | Nektar De Stagni

Nektar De Stagni is an American designer who divides her time between studios in New York and Miami. Her work conveys the considered balance of contrasting materials, as well as an effortless mixture of classic and contemporary styles. She mostly uses pure and classical materials like Pearls and Gold with contemporary applications, whilst also allowing her designs to evolve through varied processes of synthesis and refinement.

De Stagni’s collections have been put on display and sold by a number of luxury European retailers, including Nordstrom and Le Bon Marché. Her funky, playful style has earned her editorial mentions from many established publications, including Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the stylish powerhouse, Vogue. As a label NDS has flourished, utilising a style of design that continues to evolve, with ongoing seasonal collections and the addition of new styles and an influx of creative ideas that keep the brand alive. Every pieces seems to exude high-end quality with particular emphasis being placed on sustainability. We love the attention to innovation that clearly defines De Stagni’s skilfully wrought designs. Every single piece has been sketched with consideration and handcrafted to meet an invariably high aesthetic standard. If that wasn’t enough, NDS also boast the first showroom in the buzzing Miami Design District, where they were popularised by the likes of Louis Vuitton. Today the company boasts an exciting, but relatively young heritage, enriched by various collaborations with artists and designers like the romantic artist Hernan Bas and the Italian sculptor and photographer Paola Pivi.

Nektar De Stagni postStagni’s Tahitian Pearl Ring Dotted with Diamonds.


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