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Designer | Theodor Fahrner

Designers 19th January 2017 0 Comments

Perhaps best known for inspiring a bold strand of Art Deco design, Theodor Fahrner is still celebrated today as one of the most successful European costume jewellery designers of the early 20th Century. Now, we know a lot of people might be put off by the word ‘costume’ for the simple fact it evokes inexpensive materials and imitation gems. However, you shouldn’t be too hasty…

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Gold Boutique | Our Unique Collections

Showcase 10th February 2016 0 Comments

With the launch of Gold Boutique, our most ambitious website yet, we decided to create several fresh collections to give our customers something they’d never seen before. Here are a few of our tailored categories replete with an array of avant-garde designs and unique gemstone arrangements. Many of the designs in our Floral Collection are fringed with diamonds that encircle…

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