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The Golden Hoard | Our Five Top Treasure Hunters

Features 5th March 2017 1 Comments

Introduction The Diamond industry has the kind of hierarchy you’d probably expect from such a wellspring of wealth and global esteem. For the most part business is dominated by huge companies, while its constant profits are tracked by the keen-eyed investors of the Wall Street world. However the coloured gems industry is quite different, in as much as it still…

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Constellation Du Lion And COCO Chanel

Features 1st January 2016 0 Comments

At the heart of the jewellery industry there has always been two people in love. Just as romance is the perfume of this love, it is also intrinsically linked to the significance of wearable art, which has been highly valued by every civilisation since the dawn of human society. One such example of why jewellery survives is provided by none…

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