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Golden Value

Story 15th January 2017 0 Comments

Of all the precious metals used as currency throughout human history, gold has undoubtedly been the most popular. Not only is it an evidently alluring material, but it also has been continually recognised as a secure investment, due to its close ties with futures contracts and derivatives. The gold market seems to stand strong in spite of those vagaries that…

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Tribal Jewellery | Native American

Story 11th February 2016 0 Comments

The jewellery we wear says something about who we are and how we think. It seems that this has always been the case and in fact the use of jewellery in this way extends back to the origins of wearable art. Take the Native Americans, for example – the subject of this particular article. The Native Americans often used jewellery…

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Art Deco and Tiffany’s Gatsby Collection

Story 21st January 2016 0 Comments

We’ve all heard of Art Deco and yet at the same time it seems to be one of those elusive, sentimentally-charged terms that mean many different things to many different people. Supposedly it was first coined in the 1960s and serves to encapsulate a style that spanned decades, from the frenzied ’20s, over the crippled spine of the Great Depression,…

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