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Designer | Theodor Fahrner

Designers 19th January 2017 0 Comments

Perhaps best known for inspiring a bold strand of Art Deco design, Theodor Fahrner is still celebrated today as one of the most successful European costume jewellery designers of the early 20th Century. Now, we know a lot of people might be put off by the word ‘costume’ for the simple fact it evokes inexpensive materials and imitation gems. However, you shouldn’t be too hasty…

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Tribal Jewellery | Native American

Story 11th February 2016 0 Comments

The jewellery we wear says something about who we are and how we think. It seems that this has always been the case and in fact the use of jewellery in this way extends back to the origins of wearable art. Take the Native Americans, for example – the subject of this particular article. The Native Americans often used jewellery…

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