Gold Boutique | Our Top Five Christmas Gifts

Gold Boutique | Our Top Five Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of the year – the sleet is falling on the street outside and the harsh nights are driving families to the warm fireside. Soon children will hear sleigh bells in the sky and the clop of reindeer hooves pattering on snowy roofs. Then that nightly spell will deliver the big bearded man in red and Rudolph too, his bright nose bobbing amongst the stars. We all know the Christmas season is a time for family and magic, but, if you no longer have the luxury of believing in Santa, it also means a lot of stressful shopping. Cue those last-minute wrestling matches over coveted products and honking choruses on traffic-choked high streets. But what if we told you there was a way to employ Santa Claus and all his helpers to rescue you from the depths of chaos? What if we said that you could have Santa’s entire workshop at your fingertips?

Well, it’s called online shopping and it involves armies of busy elves working year-round behind computer screens, waiting for your orders. All you have to do to reach them is go online, move the pointer up to the browser and begin your search. Then, once you’ve finished that long list, it’s time to sit back and wait while an army of sleighs sets out in the icy night to do your bidding. No hassle.

To help you on your way we’ve arranged a selection of our Five Favourite Christmas Gifts.



Princess and Round Diamond Huggie Earrings

These Diamond Huggie Earrings are a couple of bold statement pieces fit for royalty. If you offer these diamond-encrusted works of wearable art for a gift this Christmas you’re sure to get someone’s heartbeat racing.

huggie earrings post


Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant

It’s hard to resist the oceanic glean of this vivid Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant. Picture this dangling from the neck of your beloved and you’re one step closer to making their Christmas.

blue topaz post

Citrine and Diamond Link Bracelet

This Citrine and Diamond Link Bracelet is at once both subtle and delicate, offering a chic touch to complete your favourite outfit.

citrine bracelet


Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The frosty Christmas season is a perfect time for wrapped-up romantics to take to lit city streets and star-silvered fields to share their love. Perhaps a proposal could even be in the cards and, if so, here’s a stunning Halo Diamond Engagement Ring to whet your appetite.

halo diamond engagement


Peridot and Diamond Stud Earrings

Choosing a Christmas gift for your beloved can be quite a daunting task and, if you’ve decided to opt for jewellery, then it can be very risky to go straight for a statement piece. So how about these subtle yet otherworldly Peridot and Diamond Halo Earrings fitted with the green stone from Mars?

peridot earrings

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