Gold Boutique | Our Unique Collections

Gold Boutique | Our Unique Collections

With the launch of Gold Boutique, our most ambitious website yet, we decided to create several fresh collections to give our customers something they’d never seen before. Here are a few of our tailored categories replete with an array of avant-garde designs and unique gemstone arrangements.

Many of the designs in our Floral Collection are fringed with diamonds that encircle a centred gemstone. To create the shape of a wildflower the diamonds are clustered and pinched together to make petals. In some cases these petals are decorated with hand-engraved patterns and given an antique finish to pay tribute to the art nouveau movement.

These Flower Oval Peridot Earrings don’t have the classic antique finish, but the wilting flower shape is manifest and very stunning.

flower oval peridot post

With our Hidalgo line we collected a variety of stackable rings and micro-pave bracelets and earrings. The sleek designs are neatly-shaped with the minimalist approach that pervades the Hidalgo Collection, including a stylish current of designer jewelry.

Still not convinced? Check out this Hidalgo Micro-Pave Braided Diamond Ring, an elegant piece with a classic braided design.

hidalgo bracelet collections


The Martini-style design isn’t a very well-known setting, but it’s perfect for making unique earrings. These three-pronged pieces are sharpened with a cone-like setting that narrows close to the base and grips a gemstone low in the frame, near the ear. They also benefit from a smooth metal frame that evokes the iconic martini glass, commonly seen between Bond’s fingers.

These Martini Princess Diamond Earrings possess the simple design that characterises this collection.

martini earrings collections

Many have likened hunting for jewellery to chasing and catching butterflies – a metaphor that especially rings true if The Butterfly Collection features one of the most popular and long-lasting romantic motifs. A variety of fluttering designs are scattered across an entire collection, which is wholly devoted to their form. Our elegant bridal set white-gold rings features twin butterflies pinning diamonds between their wingtips.

Another stylish riff on the butterfly form is used for this Princess Diamond Butterfly Ring.

butterfly ring collections

Finally we wanted to show you our refined collection of timeless Vintage Jewellery, with an array of burnished antique pieces and potential heirlooms. The motifs have evolved over centuries of nuances and movements. If you look closely you can see slight changes in sensibilities, evidenced, for example, by the difference between Edwardian and Byzantine designs.

One of our favourites from the Vintage Collection is this Vintage Heirloom Round Diamond Engagement Ring.

vintage ring collections

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