Westwood Wages War

Westwood Wages War

This year’s Couture Fashion Week hosted many enchanting moments that once again illuminated the fashion capital of the world. At one point audiences were even transported into a forested sanctum called ‘the greenhouse’, where luminous, flower-studded canopies were draped from a frame of scaffolding that towered overheard like M. C. Escher’s Penrose stairs. Of course the runways have also been a source of wonder all year round. In Spring alone we’ve seen detailed moustache-shaped gothic jewellery, snaking alphabet hair and even heeled shin guards ripped straight from the coliseum. Meanwhile the free-spirited beauty Cara Delevinge has been owning the big screen and exciting audiences everywhere with her ultra-gothic look as DC’s ‘Enchantress’ for the upcoming and eagerly anticipated ‘Suicide Squad’. That’s not even to mention Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson storming the runway to flash Blue Steel (or was it Magnum?) and announce the production of the next Zoolander film.

“I declare war on fracking,”
she cried, standing on the tank’s turret, above the swivelling gun.

Given all that’s been happening we’ve decided, in the exuberant spirit of the high fashion industry, to highlight our favourite moment from this year (so far). It just so happens to involve one of our favourite style icons, Vivienne Westwood, who arrived at Prime Minister David Cameron’s plush estate in Oxfordshire riding a white tank. The elderly dame/punk had plastered her armoured carrier with pleas to ‘Stop Fracking’.

Talk about taking a stand – the fashion designer and environmental campaigner looked like a veritable country dictator, rolling down an idyllic lane encroached by verdant bushes and low trees.

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