What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag

One of my most favourite things to read online are What’s in my Bag posts. They fill me with so much inspiration of what I should be carrying in my bag but also make me cry a little on the inside looking at all the tidy bags that everyone has compared to mine.

So, just for you guys, I had a little Spring Clean of my bag and decided to take a photo of what I have in my bag and what essentials I have with me every day. Minus the petrol receipts, random straws and empty sweet wrappers.

The most important items that I carry with me at all times is my makeup. From bronzer to my Vaseline there is not a day goes by that I don’t leave the house without them.

The products I am currently loving are Sleek’s Matte Me Liquid Lipstick, Sleek Contour palette and Soap and Glory’s Thick & Fast Mascara. Normally during my lunch break, I like to top up my makeup to make me look more awake in the afternoon.

Another essential is my trusty Vaseline. I must use this around ten times a day to keep my lips feeling smooth and hydrated. Now that the cold weather has finally gone (fingers crossed) hopefully, I won’t have to use this as much.

My Spring scent has been Jimmy Choo’s Blossom Perfume. The sweet/floral smell is perfect for the Spring evenings and it is a perfume that can be worn all year round.

Other items that I always carry or have on me is a copy of Professional Jeweller Magazine and a notepad. On my breaks, I love to read magazines and this magazine is perfect read when you’re wanting to learn more about the jewellery industry. Rather than making notes in my iPhone, I like to stick to the old fashion way and make notes in a notebook. I must have around four different notebooks on the go at the minute but this Primark pink and grey tone marble notebook is one of my favourites. For only £2.50 too! 

Moving on to the important stuff, accessories. My go to accessories that I have on me are my trusty pink £1 sunglasses from Primark. They always give me a 1970s vibe whenever I wear them and they are really comfortable too. Normally with cheap sunglasses, they really dig into the bridge of my nose but with these Primark ones, so far I have had no problems. They come in yellow and blue too so you can stock up on them!

Now to the important stuff, jewellery. I never leave the house without my Butterfly necklace from Gold Boutique. I have seem to have classed it as my very own lucky charm, although I haven’t won the lottery yet 😐

However, this necklace goes with everything and the sterling silver means that the colour will never fade.

The next product that I am loving is this Gold Boutique Engagement ring. The classy Solitaire Diamond Ring is perfect for any proposal.

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