Gold Boutique | Our ‘Abstract Four’ in 2016

Gold Boutique | Our ‘Abstract Four’ in 2016

So we thought it might be a nice idea to celebrate the diversity of jewellery by choosing our top pick of four abstract designs every year. To get this idea rolling we’ve arranged a carefully refined selection of abstract designs, all of which caught our attention throughout the year. We wanted to find pieces that owed their unique beauty to subtle distinctions so that people could actually see themselves wearing them. At the same time they had to be unique, unlike anything we’d seen before, and they also needed to possess some artistic merit:

abstract cobra post

First we went with these ‘Cobra Guardians’ – striking art nouveau pieces with a classic rock n’ roll motif. These sinuous sterling silver earrings feature the flaring hood of a cobra poised for attack. They’re a fine example of jewellery that’s at once both alluring and also vivified by a keen edge.


kandinsky earrings post

Next we chose these chic Kandinsky-themed Abstract Earrings with a non-tarnish overcoat. They look like tiny canvases coloured with the minimalist abstract colouration of the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.


abstract necklace post

This fluid Gold Rip Curl Wave Pendant mimics the powerful movement of the ocean, cast in silver with a flashing diamond set as a drooping centrepiece. In keeping with the influences of art nouveau, the design features a stylised wave shaped like a crescent moon. 


abstract post

Finally we went with some stylish Nikos Koulis earrings that use his trademark geometric shapes woven into abstract designs. Again this Nikos Koulis Acrobat Collection Ring has been inspired by the buttoned-up Russian artist and theorist Wassily Kandinsky. It’s taken from the unique Acrobat Collection, which utilises neat geometric designs with coloured shapes and the careful marriage of sharp lines and gentle curves. We love how it achieves a luxurious fluidity using black rhodium accompanied by white and black diamonds and a white-gold centrepiece hand-painted orange.


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