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Engagement Rings With A Twist

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task, especially when you know your other half will most likely wear it forever. Explore a range of unique engagement rings to help make your decision that little bit easier.

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Diamonds are often seen as the most important symbol of everlasting love. This may have something to do with the 1983 De Beers marketing campaign that encouraged shoppers to think that a diamond engagement ring was a psychological necessity. While we love a diamond as much as the next person, today we know that engagement rings no longer have to be diamond and each ring is as unique as each individual.

Cubic zirconia has long been a trusty substitute for diamond, with this flawless stone proving an affordable alternative. If you opt for a cubic zirconia ring then we recommend choosing a unique design to complement the stone’s brilliantly colourless finish.

A knot is an elegant symbol for infinity that doubles as a mark of eternal love. This design would suit someone with simple yet sophisticated taste. There’s also the true lover’s knot which was popular among sailors who spent long periods away from their sweethearts and the infinity ring which symbolises everlasting love.

CZ Infinity Band Solitaire Engagement Ring
Diamond Rope Infinity Ring in White Gold

Gemstones offer a range of personalities relative to their unique properties which means you can choose a ring that reflects your special someone. For instance, if your other half loves water and is a keen swimmer they might prefer an ocean-coloured aquamarine or you could match this special ring to correspond with their birthstone. There’s also a variety of precious metal settings that can be chosen to complement your stone’s colouring. 

The distinctive Claddagh design is used for traditional Irish rings and is rooted in history and symbolism. This bold, medieval design also benefits from an antique finish. It features two clasped hands, a heart and a crown and is commonly used to symbolize friendship, love and loyalty.

Diamond Claddagh Ring in Gold
Diamond Claddagh Ring in Gold
Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring in White Gold



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