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How to Have a More Mindful New Year

5 Ways to Have a More Mindful New Year

Having a more mindful new year may be one of your New Years resolutions. But what is mindfulness and how do we be more mindful? Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and to acknowledge our thoughts, feelings and surroundings without judgement. The benefits of practicing a more mindful way of life include improved concentration, lower stress levels and improved sleep. There are lots of ways to practice mindfulness so we’ve put together our top 5 ways to help you have a more mindful new year. 

1. Stretch your body

How to Have a More Mindful New Year - Stretch

Start your day with a stretch. A gentle 10 minute yoga routine can help increase the blood flow and prepares the body for the day ahead. Our muscles carry a lot of our stress and tension leading to us feeling achy, uncomfortable and tense. After a long nights sleep we can also feel stiff. A good old stretch elongates the muscles helping us to feel relaxed and ready to get moving.  

2. Pay attention to the present moment

Learn to acknowledge the present moment. In a world that never stops and with to-do lists that never end, we can often find ourselves running on auto pilot. By simply taking a step back and focusing on our senses we can bring ourselves to the present. Look around at your surroundings and notice the sounds, smells and sights. Pay attention to what people say, really listen and give them your full attention. And you never know, you may find things out that will help you when buying gifts, such as their jewellery style or metal of choice. 

3. Be mindful of your spending habits

Now we all know that a spot of retail therapy never did anybody any harm but this year we’re all about investments. Mindless spending isn’t good for our bank balances and in the long run our cluttered minds. Invest in durable and sentimental pieces of jewellery and other items that can last a long time. Gold and Silver are 2 metals that are perfect to invest in and can be worn everyday without the colour or quality fading. 

4. Clear up your social media

Feel good accounts only. Be mindful of the content and information the accounts you follow are communicating. Follow accounts that make you feel good and unfollow accounts that don’t. Here at GB we’re all about human solidarity and empowerment. We want to make you feel confident and have the freedom to express yourselves through your individualistic styles. You can follow our feel good Gold Boutique Instagram account here.

5. Breathe

How to Have a More Mindful New Year - Breathe

Finally, breathe. Mindful breathing allows you to take control of your emotions. A powerful tool used in mindfulness, mindful breathing simply focuses on the in-breath and the out-breath. You recognise when you are breathing in and you recognise when you are breathing out. By bringing your attention away from your thoughts and onto your breathing, this simple and easy technique can help you to quickly calm down and take control of your emotions and behaviours. 

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