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It’s Gemini Season!

It's Gemini season! Take a look at your monthly horoscope and see what's in store for Geminis this season.

Gemini Season

This season, it’s all about the twins. Our Gemini guys and gals are best known for being expressive and quick witted. 

Their 2 in 1 personality means that you’re never quite sure which version of them you’ll face, but one thing that is certain, they’ll definitely keep you on your toes. 

A sociable bunch who are always up for fun. But ask a Gemmy to organise something on behalf of a group and they’ll likely enter an agonising state of anxiety, thanks to their indecisive minds. After all, these huns just want to have fun. 

Natural seekers who are always on the lookout for new people, places and experiences, Geminis often feel like there’s never enough time to experience everything they want to. Which can often lead to them feeling burned out.

Gemini Pendant Necklaces by Gold Boutique
Gemini Pendant Necklaces by Gold Boutique

Monthly Horoscope

This month it’s all about reflecting and rebuilding. 

A slower month is important for sociable Geminis who at times can be here, there and everywhere.

Take the first 3 weeks to live life at a slower pace whilst thinking about where you want to be for the rest of the year and how are you going to get there?

In the last week of Gemini season, your willingness to learn, mix with all kinds of people, and explore new options will be emphasized. 

This is the time to go out and make new connections, tie up any lose ends and get ready to start on your next big plans. 

Zodiac Star Signs
Zodiac Star Signs

Gemini Style

Wear your star sign with pride! Shop the stylish selection of Gemini necklaces from Gold Boutique.


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