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It’s Scorpio Season

We’re well into Scorpio season now which means for those of you born between 23rd October and 22nd November it’s time to acheive everything you’ve got planned!

Scorpio Traits

As one of the water signs, Scorpio’s are passionate and fearless. They love to have a purpose and get stuff done! Their loyalty and energy makes them a great friend and partner.

Their intuitive insight means that Scorpios always know when something is meant to be and means they’re always there to keep an eye on their closest pals. 

As one of the more guarded signs, its no surprise that the Scorpion’s hard outer shell means this sign makes sure to protect itself when they feel vulnerable, but their power to connect means they never struggle to make new friends or find new love. 

Famous Scorpios include Kendall Jenner, Drake and our very own GB babe, Chloe Sims.

Scorpio Horoscope

This Scorpio season, you’ll be embracing all your best qualities like your passion and energy.

Feeling intuitive will make you get in touch with yourself to question what you really want over the coming month. 

Now is one of the most productive times for Scorpios both professionally and personally.

You’ll finally have time to catch up with your friends and spend quality time with family, while your career will be thriving thanks to your passion to succeed.

Scorpios are passionate when it comes to their love life. Feelings always run high with this sassy sign.

You’ll be able to use your perceptive nature to decide whether there’s a spark on your first date or sense if now is time for a change.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be focused on building a stronger connection with your partner.

Zodiac Star Signs

Scorpio Style

Full of Mystery

Show off your mysterious personality with this sparkling evil eye pendant, complete with eye-catching diamonds. 


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Self Love Club

Give a little love to yourself with this double heart pendant necklace and please your passionate trait in style.


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Strong & Edgy

Always tough to crack, get the ultimate Scorpio style with this scorpion pendant necklace and bring a sense of edge to any look.


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Scorpio Pendant Necklaces

Channel your zodiac with the range of Sterling silver and gold Scorpio pendants at Gold Boutique. 

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