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Ring Stacking Guide – How To Stack Rings

The trend that keeps on growing! Wear all of your fave rings at once with the ring stacking trend.

What is ring stacking?

Ring stacking is the glamorous way to wear all of your fave rings at once. Just like with necklace layering, more is more when it comes to wearing and styling the beloved ring.

Long gone are the days of wearing a single small or statement ring, now it’s all about mixing it up and creating your own unique style.

Be creative and grab your skinny bands and cocktail rings to pull together your signature look. 

The versatility of ring stacks makes them a great addition to any day-to-day or evening outfit, which is why we are loving this fun-filled jewellery trend.

Read our top tips for building the perfect ring stack and give your hands the glam that they deserve.

5 ways to master ring stacking

1. The statement finger

Wear your ring stack on one finger for a statement made look. Use your existing engagement, wedding or other beloved ring as a focal point and add simpler styles above and below the statement ring.

2. Stack them sideways

Why build your stack up when you can build it sideways. Opt to wear your rings spread out across multiple fingers for a trendy horizontal stack.

3. Mix it up

Mix and match your metals for a super stylish stack. Incorporate varying weights, shapes and colours for a well balanced look. 

4. Make it personal

Add that personal touch by adding in names, initials, fave colours or anything else that is close to your heart. A trend that lets us wear all of our best-loved and meaningful rings is a trend worth investing in. 

5. Embrace the midi ring

The midi ring sits snuggly at the top of your middle finger for a fun addition to your ring stack.  Choose a ring that’s 3-4 sizes smaller than your normal ring size and wear at the top of your middle finger.

Ring stacking style inspo

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Whichever stack you’re vibing, grab yourself a new signet ring, simple ring or ring with a little more bling and give your hands a little TLC. 


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