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The Ultimate Spring Proposal Guide

Love is in the air this spring and what better way to cement your love than with a spring proposal.

5 Top Tips For Spring Proposals

You’re finally ready to pop the question – congrats! Now it’s time to start planning your spring proposal. Whether you’re childhood sweethearts, a perfect match from Tinder or met though a mutual friend, you found your one true love and want to make it stick. 

Read through our top 5 tips for planning the perfect spring proposal.

1. Do your research

How To Pull Off The Perfect Spring Proposal - Do Your Research
Seek out advice from friends and family whilst doing your research.

Set up a Pinterest board, read our blog on choosing engagement rings and seek out advice from friends and family. You’ll need to know lots of things whilst planning your proposal, such as their favourite colour, their preferred metal choice down to their hobbies and interests.

2. Know their style

How To Pull Off The Perfect Spring Proposal - Know Their Style
Make note of your partners style to help you plan the perfect proposal.

Understanding your partners style will help tremendously with choosing a ring and theme for your proposal. Are they into florals and nature, all things gothic or are they a serial minimalist? Pay attention to the little details and jot down anything of relevance. 

3. Pick a location

How To Pull Off The Perfect Spring Proposal - Choose a Location
Choose a sentimental location for the proposal. Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Spring is a great time for an outside proposal. Choose a picturesque hill-top or a daisy filled field or even go for a picnic in your favourite park. Can’t go far because of lockdown? Get creative and recreate your favourite outdoor space indoors.

4. Choose a ring

CZ Solitaire Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver - £59

Now you’ve done the research and know their jewellery style, you can now choose the engagement ring. Keep it sparkly with cubic zirconia and diamonds or opt for a ring that has their birthstone for a pop of colour. 

5. Keep calm

How To Pull Off The Perfect Spring Proposal - Relax
Remember to breathe and relax leading up to your proposal

Nothing gives a surprise away more than an nervous. Keep your cool by doing relaxation techniques and stay on top of your plan and remember, your proposal is your time to shine.



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